Enamel Work

Enamel Work

General  Characteristics  of Enameling Art


The enamel objects prepared in correct and standard manner ,have the following characteristics:

They are beautifully bright and shiny .In fact, an enameled object is never dull.

It is washable by warm or cool water , using a sponge or other washing tools.

Is not affected by heat and fire.

If scratched with a shape object, no trace of scratch will be apparent.

It does not react to any climate.

It is resistant to many of acids, except for some of them like sulfurous acids.

Unlike porcelain objects and dishes, it will not instantly break if it hits the ground, but it may be chipped which is repairable.

If washed with water, very old enamel objects will look as bright and shiny as the day they were made.

Art of enameling is usually done on the glazed copper ; however, it can also be applied to other metals such as gold and silver.

Enameled dishes can be used for different purposes : fruit bowls, sherbet pitchers ,plates, mugs, etc

1- If touched by fingers, few swellings of paint are felt by fingers.

2- All of the identical enamel designs are not exactly the same, because the movement of the artist’s hand may cause subtle changes.

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